Kos; one of the larger islands which make up the Dodekanese group, spread throughout the blue waters of the Aegean sea, is perhaps a rather misunderstood island.

Whilst it is undoubtedly one of the busiest of all Greek islands, and there are a lot of large hotels and ‘mass’ tourism, there is also a wonderfully Greek and quiet side that it worth exploring by even the hardiest small island hoppers.

With this in mind, I started my first ‘Uncovered’ site in 2006 with Mastihari.

Kos is often mentioned as a useful base for the independent traveller since so many other islands are easily accessible from here: Rhodes, Kalymnos, Nissyros, Patmos, Leros, Simi, Pserimos, Astypalea to name a few.

Mastihari has also become a busy thoroughfare for climbers going to Kalymnos with our regular and reliable ferries!




Back to Mastichari though which is a small village on the North side of the island.

I am completely biased because I have lived here for years but it is time that a few more people are let in the the secret of what a great place it is to spend a holiday.

Over the years I have gathered up quite a lot of different accommodation options for those who choose to travel independently and want a relaxing, informal holiday.

 The following pages show you not only what you can book through me, but also, give you an idea of what Mastihari offers for your holiday. Your time is too precious to waste so I am giving you as much accurate information as I possibly can to avoid the possibility of disappointment and dissatisfaction.





The accommodation I am offering you is exactly that which is shown in the photographs. Nothing more. Nothing less.

If I say that a room has a sea view, it has a sea view which doesn't necessitate leaning over the balcony to get a glimpse of a blue line 2 miles away.

If the accommodation is near a road which may cause a small amount of disturbance, then you can be sure that it will not be on the M25. If I write that the beach is a 5 minute walk away then it is exactly that.

Car hire can be arranged through local offices, all of which are reputable and offer fully-serviced and well maintained vehicles with, of course, full insurance.




Fancy having a go at windsurfing, sailing or kiting? Special beginners courses are available as well as fun and enjoyment for those of you with more experience who can already stand up on a windsurf board and aren't afraid of flying through the air with a kite!!

I have included information about other places and islands that are worth visiting while you are here, be they on Kos or neighbouring islands.

I have also tried to paint a picture of local life that goes on throughout the year - not just in summer.




Quite simply, I would like to provide a service for independent-minded travellers, whilst taking away some of the risk and searching which can be involved.

I hope, whether you book anything with me or not, that you will enjoy reading the following pages and it may at least help to give you some idea as to what we have to offer in the village which I now call home, and perhaps attract you to visit Greece at some time.




I am updating this site constantly so pop in from time to time to see what is new. 

You can follow Mastihari Uncovered on Facebook  and Twitter where there is a steady stream of new photos and information.





Our agent in the village is Mastihari Holidays where you can all in with any questions or queries you may have about your booking, or for general information.

Thanks for visiting Mastihari Uncovered and hopefully we will meet at some time in the future.





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........... onwards!