Small and compact, not the prettiest of places you have ever seen but bedecked with bougainvilleas, orleanders, giant geraniums and other flowers and shrubs. It is difficult to get lost here. There are a few mini-markets which serve all basic needs; a few tourist and car hire offices which offer money exchange and excursions and various small shops selling different things. It may not sound exciting but it is the most laidback and relaxing place you can imagine.






No loud music (by law all music has to be turned off at midnight and this is mostly adhered to). There are no loud, lager-louts nor loud motor bike racing up the main road until 4.00am - in fact it is all you could want for a chilled-out, stress-free, battery re-charging couple of weeks. It is the ideal place for younger couples wanting a romantic break; older couples who also want a romantic break; families, or anybody that wants peace and quiet and no hassle.




A choice of tavernas and cafes, some of which are directly on the beach, offer mostly Greek based food, along with pizza, pastas and sandwiches. you can find continental and English breakfast. There is locally caught, fresh fish which, although expensive, is worth every penny. 




You have a choice of what to watch from where you are eating - the sea and beach, the harbour with the ferries coming in, or one of the 2 small roads that pass through the village. 




Accommodation in the village itself is mostly small, friendly, family run units. Over the last few years several large hotels have been built in the surrounding area but they do not encroach on the village at all.




Mastihari Uncovered is part of Mastihari Holidays where they will happily answer any questions you might have if you call at the office.




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