Kefalos is a village at the Southern end of the island, about 18 kilometres from Mastihari and it is worth mentioning on its own. The old village of Kefalos on the top of the hill has managed to remain largely unchanged and for those of you who are interested in seeing the other side of Kos, I think you will be fascinated by what you see here.



Before you reach the village though you pass by the beautiful Basilica of Agios Stefanos which is situated right on the beach and looks across to the island of Kastri, and is surrounded by wonderful beaches!





Heading along the road towards the village there is a beautiful harbour full of small Greek fishing boats. It is very much a working harbour and there is invariably something going on!




The old village of Kefalos still has many traditional old buildings, one of the reasons being that it didn't suffer the same amount of damage during the 1933 earthquake which pretty well devastated Kos town. If you walk around the village keep your eyes open for doors and lintels and old carpentry work much of which was very beautiful. You can see decorative metal shutters on doors and windows, a left-over from when people needed protection from pirates and invaders.








Another added bonus is the spectacular view looking across Kamari Bay and Kambos. In ancient times, this was the capital of the island and there are the remains of buildings buried everywhere.

If you carry on through Kefalos you will reach the amazing beach and taverna at Aghios Theologos and the Monastery of Aghios Ioannis.




Get out and about and explore the island!!



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