Churches on Kos


Work in progress!!


Greek Orthodox is the main religion of Greece and in celebration of this there are many,many churches on the island.

Some are large and elaborate and some are tucked away quietly in fields and valleys, away from made-up roads.

They are all, however, beautiful.

Be they decorated with walls full of beautifully painted icons of saints and lavish gold trimmings or with flowers and small icons left in memorial of loved ones they are places of peace and tranquillity. Many have been built by private individuals and not the church.

Greek Orthodoxy is ingrained in the Greek people and is still a central part of life. 

It therefore seems appropriate to include something about what is such a large part of life on the island.

Wolf Endres and his wife Ute have been visiting Kos since the 1980's and have visited and photographed many of the churches and chapels.

Wolf has kindly sent lots of photos to me, so along with some of my photos, you can have a look at some of the amazing churches on the island.



Agios Theologos, Kefalos 





Anastasi of Christo and Agios Haralambous, Kefalos





Agios Konstantinos, Plaka




Agios Marina, Antimachia





Agios Ioannis, Antimachia




Agios Isodia Theotokou, Kardamena




Agios Ioannis, Amaniou




Agios Ioannis Theologos, Lagoudi






Agios Dimitris, Xaixoutes