Mastihari has one main long sandy beach which is perfect for any QUIET beach activity that you can think of.
There are sunbeds for hire at about 5 Euros per day for two loungers and an umbrella but there is plenty of space for anyone who wants to experience the pleasure of just lying on the warm sand - mind you in August you are glad of a lounger as the sand gets hot!



The sea is shades of blue and turquoise and the beach is all sand. On days when there is little wind it can be like a millpond, on windy days it is great fun to play in the waves.




The sea is much warmer on this side of the island than it is on the south coast, and the beach is suitable for kids as there is no sudden hidden shelving in the water.
Another great advantage to this beach is that you don't have to leave it to eat and drink because there are tavernas and cafes actually on the beach. Pop on a t-shirt at lunchtime and go and eat as much or as little as you like. You don't even have to carry all your stuff with you as you can see your sun beds from where you are sitting enjoying your ice cold lunch time refreshment.



Reading; listening to music through a headset;sleeping; sun-bathing; swimming; conversing; drinking a cold beer; eating ice-cream; dreaming about rubbing sun cream on the back of the nubile 20 year old on the next sun-bed  (I'll leave it to you to decide if it is male or female); building sandcastles (with or without the kids); floating about on an airbed; enjoying fresh air and relaxing to the sound of the waves are just some of the things you can do on the beach at Mastihari

I stress the quiet bit because are no noisy watersports allowed on the beach - only windsurfing, kite boarding, small katamarans and pedalos. To partake in some of these water sports you can visit the Surf Centre at the top end of the beach.







One of the other essentials to do while you are here is to sit on the beach, or in one of the tavernas or cafes which face on to the beach and watch the sun go down.




The sunsets are never the same 2 days running. Take yourself down to the waters edge and watch the sun change from orange to gold and red before lighting up the sea and slipping below the horizon.



Unfortunately, because I have decided to be completely honest about all this we do have the odd down side - although nothing too serious!  Kos is a windy island and sometimes when the wind blows in certain directions it brings seaweed with it. Look on it as a free form of thallasotherapia which costs a small fortune! Something else we can't do anything about is that sometimes (but not always) when it's windy, the seaweed smells.



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