Logically, following on from the beach is the harbour. Small, attractive, a few fishing boats moored and half a dozen times a day the busiest place in the village! This is because of the ferry boats coming in and out from the neighbouring island of Kalymnos.

Click on here for timetables.

It is total chaos for about 20 minutes each time and something you must not miss going down to watch. You will be amazed by how much fuss, noise and mayhem the arrival of one small ferry boat can cause.

Also, there is have a passenger only fast hydrofoil service which goes to Kalymnos 4 or 5 times a day and only takes 15/20 minutes.




If you feel like getting up in the morning wander down and see what catch the 2 or 3 fishing boats have brought in. There are varieties of fish that you won't see in colder seas, and of course, octopus.




They make particularly good galaktabouriko in Kalymnos (a custardy filling in filo pastry soaked in a sweet syrup). Believe you me it is very morish! Why not pop over and get some and enjoy visiting the amazing archeological museum there. Or you can pick up a bus at the harbour and take an island tour.




There are ticket offices for both services on the harbour so you don't need to worry about pre-booking or looking for offices.




If you can't be bothered to walk down the harbour to see what goes on, you can always sit in one of the tavernas or cafes that face onto it and use your energy lifting a cold glass of beer and wondering why they have octopus hanging out on a washing line.

 The local bus stop is on the round-about by the harbour entrance and you will find a 

bus time-table there too.


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